Friday, January 23, 2009

I Did It!!
I got out my sewing maching yesterday afternoon and cut out an apron. Although I wanted to delve into the pile of batiks for my first effort of the year, I decided to make a men's apron to coordinate with one of my reds...thinking it would be a neat Valentine's Day duo. The coordinating mens/ladies aprons seemed to be a hit at Christmas, so I've stocked up on a lot of solid cotton duck to make more. It should be done this afternoon. I'll photograph the pair for tomorrow.

We've been invited out to dinner tonight with our winter neighbors. There's a newish restaurant just down the road called Coyote. When we first saw it, we thought it was a "Coyote Bar" and that there would be waitresses dancing on the bar stools.'s actually a nice family restaurant with terrific seafood...and no dancers. The "early bird special" is $6.95 and includes salad and dessert. How can you beat that? Our daughters and son tease us about the early bird specials but I'll bet they'd be doing the same thing if they were here.

Another gorgeous, sunny day. The sunshine is like a dose of medicine. Temps are still chilly but each day gets warmer and we feel very lucky to be here. Check back tomorrow to see if I was successful at getting the men's apron finished and photographed.

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