Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Browns Are Here!

No, it's not a family. It's our newest group of aprons. The Browns. Beautiful brown batiks splattered with soft beiges, greens and even a little bit of turquoise on two of them. I like these browns. They are strong, direct, bold. They won't be in the background.

Cocoa Beach is the first in our series. It's hand sewn in our own, original baby-doll bib design with contrasting trim on the bib and pocket edges. You could go out shopping in this apron! It's that pretty. Check out the details at

I had thought it would be difficult to get myself in gear here in sunny Florida. But, once I got out the sewing machine and ironing board, everything started to flow. An apron a day is my goal for now. But, when that sunshine is beckoning, it's hard to stay indoors, so we'll see how it goes.

Oh...funny story about the Cocoa Beach apron. I had originally decided to name it Cocoa Leaf. But something told me to google "cocoa leaf" just to make sure the leaf didn't look too dissimilar to the design on the apron. Well...of course, what I found was more disconcerting that that! Not a good thing to name my apron after the source of a narcotic! You just never know.
Hit a bit of a snag yesterday. My machine just locked up. Couldn't even turn the wheel by hand. Rich took it apart as far as he dared. We searched online for tips from folks who had experienced the same problem. (I love doing that.) Everyone said the same thing....that it's something in the bobbin area, most likely a piece of thread. However, after cleaning out every inch that we could see, we almost gave up. We even went as far as finding the nearest Pfaff dealer here in Florida. Then, I came across the "sewvac" blog. The writer said to force the wheel by hand in a counterclockwise direction and it should dislodge whatever was causing the problem. To our astonishment, it worked! So now I'm back in business.

Hope you are having sunshine wherever you are. It sure makes life brighter!

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  1. Beautiful!

    P.S. - Love the slideshow on the left!


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