Thursday, January 8, 2009

Woke up this morning to sunshine for the first time in a week. Put on my bike pants with full intentions of getting in a ride. Temperature is 40 degrees which is warm by contrast to this past week but the wind is howling so I nixed the bike ride. We're packed for Florida as much as we can be a week ahead of time. I'm eager to get down there and start sewing. I've got so many apron ideas in my head and some beautiful new fabrics for tops for spring.

Our little piece of Florida is on the barrier island in Brevard County...a little town called, Indian Harbour Beach. It's more of a central Florida location, so it doesn't get too hot during the months we're there. Our days consist mostly of bike riding in the morning, beach from noon to three, dinner out for the "Early Bird Special" and of course, golf a couple of days a week for Rich. That's when I sew. There's great light in our condo which makes it easy to work. We also have great neighbors and friends there who give me a lot of kudos for my effort. Keeps me pumped up! The apron pictured today is our Red Riding Hood apron. It comes with a matching bandana to keep your hair out of your eyes and whatever you're cooking! Check it out at me at

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