Sunday, January 11, 2009


What a mess outside. Not much snow, but rain, rain, rain is making a mess. It will be an inside day today for sure. I was browsing etsy shops last night, looking for mustard colored bowls. It never ceases to amaze me when I realize the vast number of etsy sellers that are marketing their wares. If you don't know about etsy, I'll give you a brief tutorial. It's a web site where anyone who sells handmade or vintage items can set up an online shop completely free. It costs a mere twenty cents to list an item and if it sells, etsy takes a small percentage (I think it's 3.9%) and paypal takes 2.9% (or thereabouts) for executing the financial part of the sale. It enables a small seller to take credit cards without having to set up an account with a bank. (Paypal is essentially your bank.) The etsy site works easily and I have found it to be without fault. So if you're a homebody, who likes to make nice things or if you have antique or vintage items you wish to sell, look into setting up an etsy shop. Just go to and the site instructions will walk you through the process. There's no pressure. It's easy. On the other hand, if you're looking to buy things, etsy is a great place to shop. You can look at a seller's "feedback" to see if their customers are happy or not which gives a buyer confidence when ordering. It's a lot like ebay but with a much nicer presentation and a much easier way about it. Etsy is where I sell the aprons and tops that I design and make. I opened a shop at the end of June this year and have sold almost thirty pieces so far. It's given me the impetus to rev up my inventory in the coming year. There seems to be a market for what I sell. The best part is the feedback from customers. When a customer tells you they love what you do, it's the best feeling in the world.
So...if you design,sew, knit, make pottery, jewelry or have vintage items you want to sell, look into etsy as a place to market them. And if you're looking to buy...etsy should always be your first shopping stop. Although my inventory is embarrassingly low right now, you might want to check out my etsy shop at
Click on the "sales" button at the bottom right of the page and you will see all the pretty aprons and tops we sold this past year. You can also email me anytime at
Whether you're wet like us or dry and sunny today, enjoy this Sunday anyway you desire.

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