Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sunshine Again!
What a difference it makes to wake up to sunshine. Even the frigid cold doesn't seem as bad when the sun is shining. My back also seems a tad better this morning as well, so I'm feeling upbeat. I put heat on my back and it appears I got much better results than I did using ice.
I was depressed yesterday because I hate being incapacitated. One of our daughters suggested I read all the feedback at on my etsy site to make myself feel better. It was a great idea. Nothing feels better than the reinforcement of knowing that what you do is appreciated by those you do it for. I was looking at all my fabrics before I packed them into the car for the trip. The batiks are so beautiful. They inspire me. And I've also got several sheers to make more of our baby-doll tops that we introduced at the end of the season. I'm itching to get to work.
And...all the while I'm in the warm southern sunshine, sewing away, I'll be thinking of and looking forward to another summer season here on Cape Cod. Our summers here are the highlight of our lives. We have two of our teen age granddaughters here every year which is like being in the middle of a reality television series. The entire mood of the house changes. The music on the radio is different. There are different foods in the cupboards. There is always laughter and smiles. Pretty faces, foxy clothing, and constant giggling. I love it!
The beach is our common element. We live at the beach during the summer months. And, if we're not at the beach, we're on the front porch with our feet up, watching the passers-by going up and down Shore Street...walking, running and biking.
So I've got two nice things to look forward to.....a winter of Florida sunshine and a summer filled with laughter and love. Nice.
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  1. have been busy since I was here last. lol Im sure your all ready to get on the road heading South..wishing you safe travel and pleasant weather.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  2. Hello! so nice to meet you here in blogland! I'm always glsd to meet fellow apron lovers. I'm part of an online social group, "the Apronista" that I'm sure you'd enjoy. I'm sending you an invitation to join to your e-mail so keep an eye out for it.....I love ETSY, too! It's working out very well for me.

    I have 5 grandkids ages 3-13 that I spend a lot of time with as I see you do too.

    Also, my youngest son (28 yrs.) moved to Martha's Vineyard last June. He's one of the head Chefs at Harbor View Resort. It's been quite an adjustment for a native Southern Californian!!

  3. By the way, I love your ETSY site! all your aprons are lovely......


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