Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's 35 degrees here this morning! No beach today. Still...there's a beautiful blue sky and brilliant sunshine. If the sun is shining, all is matter what the temperature. There are miles and miles of beach along this coastal strip of Florida. And they are all beautiful. Parking is free and most beach accesses have covered picnic areas and bathrooms. It's a beach bum's heaven.
We're finally settled in. Everything is cozy except I'm noticing the place needs paint. I think being closed up for 8 months of the year takes its toll, especially during the summer when the temperature probably gets over 100 inside our condo. I've been told that's hard on furniture and surfaces.
For now, my main concern is setting up my sewing machine and cutting out some aprons. I've got a huge bag of beautiful prints that I brought with me. Lots of batiks and several homespuns. I also found several really pretty sheers for my baby-doll blouse design. This will be a busy winter!
Speaking of design, I wonder what the consensus is on Michelle Obama's ball gown? I am eager to see the details on what fabric was used, etc. and who designed the gown.
Looking forward to our first beach day. It looks like we'll have to wait until the weekend when the temps warm up.
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