Friday, January 30, 2009

What's that blog about, anyway?

My husband Rich mentioned to me that my blog sounded sort of like a Seinfeld episode....much ado about nothing, but interesting, nonetheless. I guess you could say that about any personal blog. It's rather odd that some folks enjoy reading about the ins and outs of someone else's daily life. This and that, here and there, nothing much. I guess I'd compare it with the success of the annual Christmas house tour in our little village of Falmouth on Cape Cod. It's one of the biggest fund raisers in the entire town. People are genuinely curious about how other people live; about how their homes are decorated and what things make up their world. I think that's the psychology behind reading someone else's blog. It gives you an insight into the person; a hint about their personality; a peek into a world that might or might not compare with your own. I enjoy reading other blogs...especially ones that invite me into a blogger's home. I love, I mean I love homes. There's a difference. A house is just a house. But, a home is a place that's loved and cherished. A place where things have meaning. Although I am a lover of old houses and colonial decor, I enjoy any home that has been given life by the love of its owner. Oh, I know that a house is just a place to hang one's hat to some folks. But to me, my home is a reflection of myself. I hope it says,"Welcome." I hope it says, "Be comfortable." I hope it says, "I'm glad you're here." Sometimes, I think Rich thinks I'm off my rocker because I care so much about the little details in our home. He doesn't really see the need to fix the pillows on the couch when he gets up (although he does it anyway). He looks at me with puzzlement when I try to find a way to camouflage the garbage or the recycle bin here in Florida. (At home on Cape Cod, in our new kitchen, he built a fantastic sliding drawer that holds both the garbage and the recyclables out of sight.) After many years of discussion, I think I've finally convinced him that electric cords from lamps, etc. are not something that you want on display in a nicely decorated living room! Hide them, for goodness sake!
Don't get me wrong. I'm not a Susie Homemaker at all. I'm not obsessive. I'm not even that organized. But I do need a certain sense of order in my world and there's no denying that I like things to look nice. To me, it's simple. If you always look behind you when you leave your space, you'll always leave that space looking like it should. My mother always told me, "If you leave a place better than you found it, you'll always be welcome back." I think that philosophy goes for one's own home as well in some odd way.
Oh, and by the way, today's photo is of another angle of our new kitchen. The little area under the window is where we fix our morning coffee and toast. We planned it that way so I could look out at the climbing rose bush on the back fence on summer mornings. I'm a hopeless romantic, too.

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  1. Oh Joanne ~~ I missed this post and love everything that you wrote....I'm doing a post in a few days about hide and seek in our homes. lol I also love this view of your kitchen..and your so right...I love getting a glimpse into peoples homes. Its sorta like riding around at night and briefly getting a glimpse into someones window when the lights are on.
    Thanks for letting us in ~~ Hugs ~ Connie xox

  2. Oh Joanne,
    I heart your kitchen. (Thanks for the input on my cabinets, by the way). And I really love the counters and backsplash! I may have to steal that one.

    It's so nice to meet you!


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