Sunday, January 11, 2009

A new bread box!

A Christmas gift from my husband this past year. I asked him to make a nice, big bread box for me and he did. I love it! It's a simple design, made from leftover wood we used for the kitchen. We tried 3 different color paints...Olde Ivory, Cobblestone and finally, Olde Pewter which matches the lower cabinets and upper shelves. The little tin star was a gift from our youngest daughter, several Christmases ago. I think it's the perfect adornment. It's just hanging on the box now, but Rich will permanently secure it since I've decided I like the way it looks. The box is so big, I can fit bread, potato chips, nuts and all the other stuff we snack on inside of it. And, I think it adds to the unique look of our new/old kitchen.
Dreary day again today. I'm finishing up the last minute packing duties. If you have a minute, check out my etsy shop at or email me anytime at The shop inventory is very low so if you want to see a broader view of what we do, click on the "sales" cue and see all the pretty aprons that we have sold. Lots more new aprons coming for spring in gorgeous fabrics and colors.

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  1. Love the kitchen and the bread box! As I always tell you, your house is so comforting and cozy! There is just something about it. Love the blog. Will look forward to reading it when your away. We'll miss you!


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