Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wow! What a game so far. When we arrived here at our Best Western Motel in Savannah, GA, Arizona was way ahead of Philadelphia. But in the short time we've been here, Philly has come back. It will be down to the wire.
It it poured all day today. The drive was stressful. Yesterday, we sailed through Washington DC with virtually no traffic to speak of. We had thought we were the fools for planning our trip on inauguration weekend but it was fine.
Our overnight in NY with family on Friday was terrific. We have a brother-in-law who loves to cook. We are always treated to a special meal when we visit. The theme this time was Mexican, my husband's favorite. Made from scratch, beef chimichangas, chili, rice, and corn bread. Absolutely delicious. And the crowning touch was homemade flan for dessert. In the morning, we woke to fresh coffee, mushroom and cheese omelets, grilled ham and English Muffin bread. The English Muffin bread is an easy recipe that is made in the microwave. Then it's sliced and toasted, just like an English Muffin. It has all the nooks and crannies of the original Thomas's brand English Muffins. I think the recipe is easy to find online.
We also made a stop in Connecticut at my oldest and dearest friend's house. That's a treat because she always has added something new to her primitive furniture collection. This time it was a huge, country cupboard. Painted dark red with an aged paint technique, it's big and it's beautiful. We had a great visit, catching up on family, looking at country magazines together...something we thoroughly enjoy.
Tomorrow is the last leg of our trip. We've been listening to a book on tape...The Last King of Scotland. It's a bit deep in details, but interesting and historically accurate. A good book on tape always makes the trip seem to go faster.
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Wishing and hoping for good things to come.
(Oh...and by the way...I haven't figured out why my posts always have a time on them that is about 5 hours earlier than my real time.)

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